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Jaques (Published Artist)
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Heyyy, Girl!

Let me guess… you are excited and nervous all at the same time, lol?

Has a boudoir photography shoot been on your bucket list for so long and you are feeling like you just want to go for it? We’re glad that you’re here to find out the scoop about this transformational experience! Get excited!!

We’re Jaques & Richelle, the owners of Windsor's Premier & Luxury Boudoir Studio. Our main mission is to impact women’s confidence through the Art of Boudoir. Jaques is passionate about creating Art and I’m obsessed with encouraging & empowering women. Together, Jaques and I were able to combine our passions and truly impact women's confidence at the same time.

We want her to leave the session feeling beautiful & empowered, and most importantly....we want to be a part of her journey to self-acceptance and show her that the beauty was there the entire time. Not 10 years ago, not 10 pounds from now, but right now! Get in here, girl!

More about Jaques & Richelle

‘A woman who has a healthy self-image can do anything, and a woman who has

confidence is the most beautiful woman of all!’

– Richelle Scheepers

The Transformational Experience

From the moment you finally book your shoot till the moment you leave your ordering session with your albums and artwork in hand, you get the VIP treatment with us! We deliver an experience like NO other!

We roll out the red carpet, make you feel like the important person that you are, and by the time you are done with the entire pampering of hair/makeup/champagne, shooting experience, you go from clammy hands to finally finding that part of yourself that you forgot you had: that inner diva that is WORTH celebrating! Yes, YOU! JUST AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!!!

As you get the details, let me assure you of a couple things first: most of our clients choose to keep their images private & you will let us know your comfort level during the experience (conservative to risque).

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Your Boudoir PHOTOGRAPHY Experience

Our In House Hair and Makeup Artist applying lipstick to the client

Booking Your Session

You can book online or over the phone. Hair and makeup is included in the session fee. Yes, girl! We want to treat you like a Queen during this experience!

Choose your experience by choosing Art by Jaques or our talented female photographer, Richelle!

Let's Plan Your Session

After you book, you'll have access to the Planning Guide and a link to book a call with Richelle so that we can customize your experience (fave music and drink) and make sure that we nail your vision. Yay!

Rock Your Session

Don't you worry, we gotcha covered! We will explain how to pose, etc. And, YES, you will look like the girls on our Instagram. Trust me! You've already got what it takes!

Photo Reveal

After the editing process, you'll come to the office to view your images and see yourself in a whole new way. Once you choose your faves, we are going to customize your artwork and make sure that you have a reminder every single day of the beauty that is already there!

The Boudoir Studio Experience includes:

Preparation Guide & Call

Professional In-House Hair & Makeup

Access to the Client Closet Items

On-Set Posing

Magazine Quality Editing

Image Reveal & Ordering Session

The Boudoir Session Experience is $349+ tx. Collections start at $750.

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what our clients  are saying about their transformation

She left feeling on top of the world!

"Prior to my session, I was so excited but I was a little nervous. Once my hair and make up was done and I saw how I looked I just felt ready to go and no longer nervous. I realized, as the process went on, that I was doing it for myself to help build confidence and love the person I am. I felt so sexy posing and I felt like a model. I left feeling confident and sexy and I was on top of the world. I would totally recommend The Boudoir Studio because of how I felt after the shoot and because of how I felt like I fit right in with you. I didn’t feel nervous meeting you or like I had to warm up to you. Thank you so much for an amazing experience and I want to do it again already!"

- Megan

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In Her Own Words

She left feeling on top of the world!

"Prior to my session, I was so excited but I was a little nervous. Once my hair and make up was done and I saw how I looked, I just felt ready to go! Originally, I wanted to do the shoot as a gift for my boyfriend, but I realized as the process went on, that I was doing it more for myself to help build confidence and love the person I am.

I felt like a model getting my pictures taken. Two hours felt like such a short time. I realize now that I was doing the shoot for me and I now feel confident and sexy.

I would totally recommend The Boudoir Studio. I didn’t feel nervous meeting them or like I had to warm up to them. Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I felt on top of the world and I want to do it again already!"


“I feel proud of myself for going through with it. Excited to see the final outcome.I feel it's something someone should experience at least once in their life. Especially if they have self esteem issues with their body. You all were amazing. Thank you so much. I felt comfortable and beautiful. I appreciated all of it! ”
“I had a wonderful time. Jaques was very Professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was able to bring a friend and he was open to all of our ideas for the shoot. I would definitely recommend him! Thanks for an amazing shoot!”
“ I feel great. I already had pretty high self confidence but then felt even more empowered after I seen the pictures. Everyone makes you feel special, welcomed, comfortable and beautiful. There was no awkward moments like I thought there would be. ”

The Boudoir Studio

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