10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir Photography

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I get it, girl: you’re nervous! Guess what? 

EVERYONE is nervous! I wanted to create a Blog post for you answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions so that you are familiar with the process and how things work here at The Boudoir Studio!

Ok, so here’s the Top 10 List of the Most Frequently Asked Questions we get at our Studio:

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#1 Most asked question: “Will you be sharing my images?”

The quick answer is NO! 

Most of our clients want to keep their images private. The women on our site and brochures have allowed us to share their images so that people looking into a session can visualize the experience. 

If you decide that you want to allow us to share a few images, we take this very seriously and have you sign a paper as to which ones specifically we have permission to share. 

Lastly, many of our ladies have jobs in industries like nursing or teaching, and their privacy is of utmost importance to them. Therefore, they appreciate our discretion and we would never share with others that they were even at the studio, let alone their images.

Boudoir on Bed

#2. ‘Can I just lose 10 lbs first?

And I really hope you Photoshop!’

This almost made the #1 most Frequently Asked Question. LOL!

Listen, girl! Jaques can do way more with lighting and angles than 6 months at the gym can do for you. I know that you want to look your best, but that is the difference between just getting photos taken and getting photos done by a true artist. Jaques is a Published Boudoir Photographer. He gets chased down by people who truly know the art: models and magazines. Even other photographers always compliment him on his work. 

Jaques' Boudoir shooting style is Dark and Moody and he gets dramatic images to make you look your best. We never change your body shape in post production and our photoshop on images is extremely minimal just to give it a luxurious and professional look.

Boudoir pose

I promise you: you are beautiful just the way you are. Our mission is to show you the beauty that is ALREADY there; NOT 10 years ago, NOT 10 lbs from now, right now! Once our clients leave the session, they already feel different, beautiful and more confident. BUT, when they see their images, it’s a game-changer! 

I’ve had girls giggling during the Viewing Session and being like: ‘NO way, that’s my booty?!!!’ and I’m like: ‘yes, girl!!!!’ and I have had the other extreme, where she just looks over at me with tears in her eyes. THAT my friend means that she finally sees her beauty! And THAT is our one and only mission. The Boudoir Studio experience is a step towards your self-acceptance journey, and that is why I love Boudoir so so much!!! 

Peacock Chair

Funny story: Two days ago, I had a client post in our Facebook group, saying: “You guys should be considered an Essential Service!!!!” I started to literally laugh out loud, but when I thought of her words, it blessed me so much during this time of self-isolation where we can not be of service to our clients. For this comment, I am genuinely grateful as it shows us the difference we are making in women's confidence in their journey to self-acceptance!

#3. Do I have to be naked?


Not at all. 

One of the most important things to us is that you are comfortable and that you have an amazing experience reflecting you or your relationship! Everyone is different in what makes them comfortable, so we let our client customize her Boudoir Studio experience (some go extremely conservative and some go risque, and everything in between).  The Phone consultation will help determine this and help us all be ready for your shoot.

No lingerie boudoir

#4. What do I wear and how many outfits do I bring?

And what if I don’t like lingerie? 

The most important thing is that when you look at the images, you feel like it’s you. Some women don’t like lingerie and that is okay. We’ll plan for what is YOU in our phone consultation. 

Planning it can be a little time-consuming on your end, but will be so worth it, trust me! We usually suggest 3-4 outfits , bring something for the shower scene (either a t-shirt, crop top or tank top), and something for artistic nudes (if you are not going completely nude, bring a g-string and bra).

Boudoir outfits

Make sure to check out our Blog post on The Top 10 Items to Wear at a Boudoir Session; it helps so many of our girls plan things out, but you also get a phone consultation with me (Richelle), so don’t worry too much, we’ll make sure your vision comes to life!

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#5. Where do I shop or get my Hair & Makeup done?

makeup at studio

When you book your session with us, I’ll be sending you a Prep guide so that you know where to best shop for your body type, and you’ll also be in The Boudoir Studio VIP group, which is an amazing resource as we do videos, behind the scenes, and you can ask the other ladies questions in there. 

And you guessed it, your Hair/Makeup is included in the Boudoir Session Fee! We gotcha covered! When you arrive, our amazing Professional Hair & Makeup artist will greet you with your favourite music and preferred beverage and she will do a small consultation after seeing your outfits. 

boudoir photos boudoir studio

The best part is, our Makeup Artist is very familiar with Jaques' shooting style and will make sure that your makeup looks perfect for these darker-styled images, so that you don't look like you have racoon eyes, LOL.

#6. I don’t know how to act sexy.

How will you make me look like the girls on your Instagram or Facebook posts? 

With a little coaching on posing, you wouldn’t believe how amazing you will look!

Believe it or not, this photo here (below): She came in giggling and nervous, and she kept saying to us that she didn't know how to be 'sexy', and she felt so awkward. But when she finally 'let go' and got out of her own head and just stepped into who she IS, look at the final result! 

bathtub boudoi

She actually purchased this image on a Metal Print for her wall to remind her every day that she is a beautiful and confident woman!

#7. This has been on my bucket list for a long time.

I want to do it, but do you have payment plans?

boudoir albums

At the Viewing & Ordering Session, you select your favourite Images to purchase and choose your Products, which will become amazing pieces of art for you

For most women, this is a once in a lifetime; they finally did it! They did their hair, their nails, the waxing, the outfits, and did the shoot, so they might as well get what they really want.

boudoir wallart

Payment plans are available if you opt for a Collection that you really want, but need to make a couple payments to assure you can get it. Because I know that it’s more than a just Collection for you... they are your confidence pieces and reminders of your experience & your beauty, as well as a step closer to self-acceptance!

boudoir album

#8. Do you offer digitals & albums?

Yes, girl, we have amazing products. We have digitals, but I promise you that there is nothing better than prints, albums and wall art. 

Make sure you check out our Blog on the Albums & Products to see pictures of all the items which will become amazing customized gifts or incredible reminders that you are a stunning and confident woman! 

#9. I’m getting nervous.

I’m gonna do it, but how do I calm my nerves? 

When you have time as well, make sure you check out the Blog Post Why We Shoot Boudoir and you will get to know the story behind the studio, as well as get to know us better. Our clients usually spend a ton of time on our blogs and in our Private Facebook VIP Group before their experience. So by the time the shoot happens, they feel like they already know us. That helps alot! Other than that, just let go! Just BE YOU! We’ll coach you through the rest!  

Leather Jacket Boudoir
Click on this Photo above to hear about Sarah's Experience at our Studio!

#10. I noticed that you shoot on:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays at 9am. Why?  

We usually book clients in the studio on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday mornings. We always get you in at 9 a.m. so that once 11 a.m. hits and we are ready to shoot, the natural light is beautiful and dreamy coming through the studio! The studio is actually designed in such a way to have the perfect light and make you look amazing! 

Finally, Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for editing photos and celebrating with clients at their Viewing & Ordering Sessions.

So that’s it, girl! Get in here! We are located at 1203 Faith Drive in Emeryville, just 15 minutes from Windsor. 

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"After 2 years of following The Boudoir Studio on Facebook, I finally was able to take back my body & self image & see what others see"

- Stephanie B


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