Our 10 Sets and Backdrops to choose from for your Boudoir Studio experience.

At The Boudoir Studio, we are always adding sets and keeping things fresh. We attract some women who want to keep things cute & on the conservative side, women who want an edgy vibe, and everything in between. So we have created 10 sets to make sure all of our clients can find something that feels 'them' […]

How The Girls Dared Richelle to do Boudoir | The Boudoir Studio Windsor

Heyyy, girl! I'm Richelle! My husband, Jaques, and I run The Boudoir Studio.  And YES! That picture is ME during MY own Boudoir Session! It was an amazing empowering Experience. When we started the Studio a few years ago, the ladies would hear me cheering them on, telling them to rock it and accept their beauty, […]

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir Photography

This post is answering the 10 Most Frequently Asked questions that we get at The Boudoir Studio in Windsor, ON

The Boudoir Studio Products & Artwork

If you have booked your session or you are almost ready to book, you are probably wondering what you will do with your images, right? I gotcha, girl! Let me go through what our clients do with their favourite photos here at The Boudoir Studio.  With the digital age, I get that you want them […]

Sarah's Experience at The Boudoir Studio

Sarah’s Experience at the Boudoir Studio! We were so excited when Sarah allowed us to share the incredible testimonial that she sent us in our Post Shoot Questionnaire! This review is incredible and what shocked us the most was how she describes how she now sees herself! Jaques and I (Richelle) and The Boudoir Studio […]


The Story of how we "accident-ally" opened up a BOUDOIR Studio. After I (Richelle) had a terrible car accident in 2017, I was left with major neck and back pain, which made being a full-time wedding photographer virtually impossible. Jaques and I were forced to look at our business and figure out how I was […]

The 10 most common things to wear at a boudoir session | The Boudoir Studio | Windsor, Ontario

The 10 Most Common Things to Wear at a Boudoir Session As a Boudoir Studio, we get sooo many questions about what to wear. We really feel that it’s important that everyone has an experience that is unique to them, and that when they look at their images, they feel that it represents who they […]

The 5 Secrets to having an Amazing Boudoir Session

Most people think that you need to be a model in order to have the best Boudoir images. That’s just not true. You see, the difference between a model and a non-model client is that the model walks on set with confidence already. In this post, we will unveil the 5 top secrets to having […]

Bridal Boudoir| Best Groom's Gift of the Year| Wedding Boudoir Photographers

Bridal Boudoir| Best Groom's Gift of the Year| Wedding Boudoir Photographers There is something just amazing about giving a Groom a Boudoir Album for his wedding gift! But in the end, you both get gifts! You see...most women feel so hindered and usually compare themselves to other women all the time. But a Boudoir Session […]

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