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The Transformational Experience

From the moment you finally book your shoot till the moment you leave your ordering session with your albums and artwork in hand, you get the VIP treatment with us! We deliver an experience like NO other!

We roll out the red carpet, make you feel like the important person that you are, and by the time you are done with the entire pampering of hair/makeup/champagne, shooting experience, you go from clammy hands to finally finding that part of yourself that you forgot you had: that inner diva that is WORTH celebrating! Yes, YOU! JUST AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!!!

As you get the details, let me assure you of a couple things first: most of our clients choose to keep their images private & you will let us know your comfort level during the experience (conservative to risque).


Booking your Session

You can Book Online or Over the Phone.

Hair & Makeup is Included in the Session Fee. Yes, girl! We want to treat you like a Queen during this experience!

Choose your experience by choosing Art By Jaques or Our Talented Female Photographer, Richelle!

Let's Plan Your Session

After You Book, you'll have access to the Planning Guide & a link to Book a Call with Richelle or Crystal so that we can customize your experience, (Fave Music & Drink), and make sure that we nail your Vision. Yay!

Rock Your Session

Don't you worry, we gotcha covered! We will explain how to pose, etc.

And, YES, you will look like the girls on our Instagram. Trust me! You've already got what it takes!

Photo Reveal

After the Editing Process, you’ll come to the office to see your images and see yourself in a whole new way. Once you choose your faves, we are going to customize your artwork and make sure that you have a reminder every single day of the beauty that is already there!


At The Boudoir Studio, clients get to decide on the experience that they want. One of the most important things to us is that you are comfortable and that you have an amazing experience! Everyone is different in what makes them comfortable, so we let our client customize her Boudoir Studio experience.

Bring A Friend

Be shot by the artist (Jaques) and bring a friend for support to hang out for the day and help you feel more at ease.

We have a very nice change room that she usually hangs out in, drinks mimosas with you, etc.

Let's face it, you'll have a blast!

Regardless, Richelle can be requested to be at the studio!

Book With Jaques Here!


Be shot by the artist (Jaques) alone because you feel that fewer people will make you relax more and be yourself. A lot of our clients have gotten to know Jaques through our Facebook VIP group and are comfortable with him.

They know that he is very professional & renowned for his boudoir and is very sought out by models & magazine publications.

Jaques is known for his beautiful dark and moody style and people hire him for beautiful and sexy boudoir photos. Jaques is trained in the Art of Erotica, as well as Shibari, which can be added on to a regular Boudoir shoot if requested.

Regardless, Richelle can be requested to be at the studio!

Book With Jaques Here!


Be shot by Richelle (our female photographer) if you prefer to be shot by a female photographer for religious, personal or comfort reasons.

Richelle is trained by Jaques to capture you in that dark and moody style. Richelle is also your awesome hype-girl and gets those adorable laughing shots that bring out the cute girl next door look.

Book With Richelle Here!

What The Boudoir Studio Session Fee Includes

Whatever experience you choose, we know that you will have an amazing time!

$349+ tx INCLUDES:


(to help you shop & prepare)

Photo of Richelle


(with Richelle or Crystal to get the questions answered)


(so that you finally feel pampered for the way & know that your makeup will be on point)


(Let’s make you feel VIP)


(You will have the studio to yourself so that you can relax and not feel rushed)


Bring your own outfits as well as having our client closet full of amazing pieces to pick from on the day of your session!




(We’ll help you customize your Art, Album & Gifts at the Viewing Session)




"My fiancé is always complimenting me and encouraging me so I wanted to do something special for him for the wedding even though it’s so not who I am !

The moment I stepped into the studio, I felt safe and welcome. I can’t explain how amazing the whole team makes you feel. It’s amazing and leaving the shoot I was in such a high from the excitement I felt like I could do anything!

Jaques and Richelle are such an amazing team, they had me laughing the whole time it was so much fun !! Words cannot describe the feelings, it’s like being superwoman you’re on top of the world.

I would 1000% recommend The Boudoir Studio. The experience is so empowering and amazing I think everyone should experience it. They are so professional, but also so relatable at the same time. They make you feel like you’ve known them forever and you’re a professional model. I already wanna do it again. I loved it so much !!

Best thing I’ve ever done ! It started out for my fiancé, but ended up being something I needed for myself." -A


How Do I Book a Session?

To book your shoot, we require a $349+tx non-refundable session fee. Most of that goes towards Hair & Makeup; but also secures your date, reserves your Photographer, Preparation call, Preparation Guide & Professional Posing on the day of the shoot...and not to mention your yummy Mimosa!


When you book online with Jaques,  or if you book online with Richelle, you just choose your date/time/photographer with our online scheduler. Your Products/Digitals/Albums and Wall Art are Extra and will be purchased at your Viewing and Ordering Session, where you’ll be able to view and select the photos for your order. Products, Albums, Art Work all range in pricing depending on the number of images you select, how large you want your album, how luxurious you want your cover and how much wall art you add on, etc. (From $499-$3299). We'll walk you through the different options on the phone consultation.


If you decide to make payments toward your product with our pre-payment plans, you will have a "Boudie Bank Fund" and you can use that as a credit towards any of the collections at the viewing session.


Once you are booked into the Studio, the fun begins, yay!


  1. You'll be sent a Confirmation Email and Prep Guide to get yourself ready

  2. You'll be sent a link to book another Prep Call with Richelle or Crystal

  3. You'll start preparing your outfits


What Outfits and Accessories should I plan to bring?

A well-planned shoot makes all the difference in the final images. Planning it can be a little time-consuming on your end, but will be so worth it, trust me! We usually suggest 3-4 outfits and bring something meaningful (your wedding lingerie/his favorite jersey, etc). Don't forget to bring something for the shower (either a t-shirt, crop top or tank top), and something for artistic nudes (if you are not going completely nude, bring a g-string and bra).

At the studio, we have a client closet that you can pull pieces from for your session as well! If you plan on using our outfits, please bring a nude g-string to wear with the outfits. 

Don’t forget the shoes! We love to use shoes in the shots! Some girls send me pictures of their outfits (layed out flat) prior to the session if they need advice. If you are trying to communicate your vision, feel free to email me. Most girls just leave it up to us.

What does the day of my session look like?

1. Get pampered for once by our Professional Hair/Makeup Artist

2. Jaques (or Jaques & Richelle) or Richelle greet(s) you, yay!

3. We help you choose the order of your outfits and vision (which 4 backdrops fit your vision) 

4. Start shooting

When you arrive, our amazing Professional Hair & Makeup artist will greet you with your favourite music and preferred beverage. She will do a small consultation with you to determine the feel you are going for, and start creating an incredible look for you.

We reserve 2 hours for this pampering service so that you do not feel rushed. Finally, she will finish up by applying gorgeous lashes. Professional Hair & Makeup is such a crucial part of Boudoir. It accentuates your beauty and creates the most amazing images, and this is why it’s included in your Session Fee. We want to make sure you look and feel amazing, and at the same time, we want you to have an incredible experience!

What days do you shoot on?

We usually book clients in the studio on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday mornings. We always get you in at 9 a.m. so that once 11 a.m. hits and we are ready to shoot, the natural light is beautiful and dreamy coming through the studio and you are going to look ammmazing!

The best part is, our Makeup Artist is very familiar with Jaques' shooting style and will make sure that your makeup looks perfect for these darker-styled images, so that you don't look like you have raccoon eyes, LOL.

When Jaques & Richelle (or just Richelle) arrive(s), we greet you, and get the studio ready while you are finishing up with the stylist.

Next, we’ll help you choose your outfits and accessories, as well as the 4 backdrops. Yay! That's fun. We choose according to which areas of the studio will match with each outfit and your vision.

Then, we bring you into the studio and start shooting

Everyone’s comfort level is completely different and we respect that. We have some girls who don’t mind what is exposed and some are very conservative. It's YOUR shoot!

It’s important to us that we respect your boundaries and we always discuss this prior to the shoot, at the Preparation Consultation, as well as in your initial Questionnaire.

We’ve got you covered.

The Session/Posing/Lighting

Jaques' Boudoir shooting style is Dark and Moody. He gets a balance of well lit photos and dramatic images to make you look your best. The studio is actually designed in such a way to have the perfect light and make you look amazing!

Like a true artist, he makes use of highlights and shadows to contour the female form in order to bring mystery to the image; as well as to keep certain aspects hidden...just enough to make you intrigued.

About 90% of our clients prefer to finish their session with the images that we have become known for: The Boudoir Studio artistic nudes and shower shots in order to make her images go from beautiful to OMG...amazing!

What happens after the session?

1. Our Goal is to get these Curated/Edited/Retouched Images in your hands as fast as possible. We don't want you waiting and worrying they didn't turn out. Because they did, girl; they did turn out!

2. Once edited (usually within that week), you receive an email to book your Viewing Session so that we can help you customize your amazing gifts or keepsakes & get them to you as soon as possible (especially if you have a gift deadline).

Our goal is to celebrate YOU, so don't worry, these images will look like YOU. We don't alter your body.

Your Viewing and Ordering Session!

At the Viewing & Ordering Appointment, you and I (Richelle) will have an amazing time!!!

1. We look at your rocking images! Everyone's reaction is different (some giggle because they are so surprised they look so good, some soak it in, and some get tears).

2. You select your favourite Images to purchase and choose your Products which will become amazing pieces of art for you. They become amazing customized gifts or incredible reminders that you are a beautiful and confident woman!

We discuss if you want your images kept private or not.

If you decide to allow us to use any of your images so that we can show our work, you’d sign off on the specific photos we are allowed to use at the Viewing appointment. If you are keeping them 100% private, that is totally your choice, and we respect that, always.

After the payment, we then Design your Customized Art Work/Products for you so that you can remember this feeling of confidence and empowerment. We will send you a proof via email for you to approve before we send off to the printer so that we know you are 100% happy with the layout :). 

If you opt into doing a Pre-Payment plan, this is where you will use your Boudie Bank Fund. The funds become a credit that gets applied to any collection at the viewing session.

For most women spent a lot of time getting ready for this experience so they like to come prepared to get what they really want!

Referral Program

We always love when our clients are so excited that they refer their friends to us!

We offer a program which gives you and your girlfriends both a gift when you send them our way. We love referrals because our client speaks highly of us prior to their friend even showing up. It’s definitely a win-win.

This is going to be the BEST Investment you have ever made to increase your Confidence and to remember WHO you are, girl!!!

Request More Information or Book a Call with Richelle.

Join in on the fun!

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