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Couples Boudoir Portraits, Boudoir Couples Photo Shoot

Couple Sessions? Believe it or not, these PG version couples sessions are absolutely beautiful and life-changing for many couples. Maybe you have been through some major things together and this is your way of reconnecting. Or maybe you have been together for years and this would be a fun adventure. Or maybe...you want to celebrate together, see how your sweetie looks at you and share a very powerful experience together. Either way, a couple’s shoot can be very liberating, fun and impactful on your relationship!

Believe it or not, there is a lot of crying that goes on around here. So many clients express to us how the experience TRANSFORMED them and their relationship: from the empowerment they feel from actually doing the shoot or the confidence they get from seeing their images at the Reveal appointment.

I’ve seen grown men cry seeing their images, I’ve seen women watching their images for the first time with tears pouring down her face while her husband was rubbing her back. We are so proud of what we do, because it impacts people and relationships.

Whatever is motivating you to do the shoot,
The Boudoir Studio Experience will be powerful for you.

It’s a day all about YOU guys. Our Hair & Makeup artist will greet you with a mimosa with your favourite music playing in the background.

Once we start shooting you, the jitters calm down and you will forget anyone else is there. Come to The Boudoir Studio, where we treat you like a VIP, because you ARE important, you ARE special and you ARE beautiful. And we want to show you!!!! Get in here!

Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot

These PG version couple boudoir portraits are the perfect way to show your partner how much you love them. And with our experienced team, you can be sure that your photos will be beautiful and tasteful.

N & K

“The most empowering, self esteem boosting thing.

I cannot thank Jaques and Richelle enough for all your professionalism and talent....omg that's me. Frances, girl you know how to make a woman look her best and feel amazing!!!! And omg I have the sexiest husband on the planet.....and the best support ever .... Not only was he game for me to do this but he agreed to be part of it!!” -N

“It was so much more fun then I thought. These two make you feel bigger then the world!” -K

K & T

"There are no words as to how amazing this experience was. My husband is a nervous guy, PDA is not our forte, and mushiness makes me bleh. But to know we will have everlasting photos of a more intimate setting, all for us, is such a miracle! We left feeling so amazing both as a couple and individually (seriously, he left feeling like Superman). Jaques was so patient and laughed with us when we couldn't hold it together, but also directed us into finding a little glam! Frances made me feel and look gorgeous, and the talks with her had my husband pre-planning the next 20 shoots!!!! We are so very excited for the next chapter, and now I fear I can never do a shoot alone again, haha!!!"

V & G

"I had my session last weekend and I cannot wait to see my images it’s so hard to believe that you (Jaques) can capture such beauty.... you are truly amazing at what you do... so professional and talented... Richelle and Frances I can’t thank you both enough for helping to make this such an easy, fun, exhausting, beautiful day... I had truly felt like the most beautiful girl in the world.... I AN SO SO SO EXCITED to see my images... I can’t wait.... "

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