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Whether you are in a relationship or single, so many women do a shoot just for THEMSELVES. And let me let you in on a little secret, even when women come to The Boudoir Studio to create a jaw-dropping gift, in the end, they realize that it really was for THEM all along.

Yes, you are worthy of spending money on yourself, did you know that? I know! You are always putting others first, but this is a time just for YOU. You are worthy of seeing your beauty and seeing what the rest of us see in you!!

Maybe you have been through some major trauma like death, abuse, or heartache after a painful breakup. Or maybe you are reconnecting with a part of you that has been lost from taking care of others for so long.

Or maybe...it’s the opposite!!!

Maybe you are doing this to Celebrate an important milestone, a change in your life situation, finally beating cancer or attaining a health/weight loss goal. Either way, we are here for you!

Believe it or not, there is a lot of crying that goes on around here. Sometimes it’s when they are sharing their main motivation with me for doing the shoot and sometimes it’s when they see their images.

So many clients express to us how the experience TRANSFORMED them: from the empowerment they feel from actually doing the shoot or the confidence they get from seeing their images at the Reveal appointment.

Yes, girl, you heard me right: they get confidence from DOING the shoot. They don’t wait until they are confident to come to the shoot.

Whatever is motivating you to do the shoot,
The Boudoir Studio Experience will be powerful for you.

It’s a day all about YOU. Our Hair & Makeup artist will greet you with a mimosa with your favourite music playing in the background.

Once we start directing you, the jitters calm down and you will be so happy. You’ll leave feeling on top of the world, confident and powerful. Some say that they finally felt like themselves again, finally remembered who they were, and felt so badass after they left!

Come to The Boudoir Studio, where we treat you like a VIP, because you ARE important, you ARE special and you ARE beautiful and we want to show you!!!! Get in here, girl!

Boudoir Photoshoot, Portraits & Pictures For You

A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way to capture your sensual side. Our experienced photographers will make you feel comfortable and beautiful as you pose for intimate portraits.


"Prior to my session, I was excited and nervous. My motivation for the session was to see myself the way my boyfriend sees me. The experience was amazing. Everything from getting it booked, getting the outfits ready, and doing the shoot itself was amazing. I was totally surprised how fun it was and how comfortable I became during it. Now that I have gone through the experience, I feel happy, excited to see the end results, and more confident than I did going into it. I booked with The Boudoir Studio because a friend of mine came for a session and I tagged along. I loved it and knew I wanted you guys to do mine too!! I feel that everyone should get to experience that feeling of confidence and everything involved in it. I had an amazing time, both Jaques and Richelle were so supportive and helpful and it was just amazing from start to finish!"


"Prior to my shoot, I was super excited! I booked a session because I wanted before pictures and I was finally feeling confident in my skin. My favourite part of the experience was getting all dolled up. I was totally shocked about how confident and sexy I felt during and after the session. After going through the entire Boudoir Studio experience, I feel even more confident than I did before my shoot. I booked The Boudoir Studio because I loved all the images being posted! I would absolutely recommend The Boudoir Studio because they make you feel so beautiful with each shot!"


"Before my session, I was a excited!! I decided to book a session because I'm not getting any younger, so why the hell not! I think I look pretty good for my age so I decided that before things end up where they are not supposed to be to do a session! I loved everything about the experience! It was just so fun. I felt super comfortable and there was absolutely no weirdness. I loved having some directions and I loved all the different backdrops and my hair!!! I was super shocked at how easy it was!! I booked The Boudoir Studio specifically because you guys looked like the best and I was right! I would definitely recommend The Boudoir Studio because you guys make it sooo fun! You forget you're almost naked and just the relaxed atmosphere. You won't regret it."
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