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Heyyy, girl! I'm Richelle! My husband, Jaques, and I run The Boudoir Studio. 

And YES! That picture is ME during MY own Boudoir Session! It was an amazing empowering Experience. When we started the Studio a couple years ago, the ladies would hear me cheering them on, telling them to rock it and accept their beauty, and then it dawned on the 2000 girls that were in the private Facebook group!

"Heyyyy, Richelle! When are YOU doing a session?"

I took a big gulp! LOL. It literally never crossed my mind. Here I was the Studio Cheerleader and the Encourager of the Group; but yet, I hadn't done my own session. So I plunged in and did it for my girls in the group and to represent all the 40 year old women in the group who kept saying that they couldn't do it because they had mom-bods! Been there, done it, got the t-shirt! I'm a mom with mom-boobs, stretch marks, and insecurities! But I'm much more than that! I took the leap and after my session, I was able to see other parts of me that I did like.

It was a HUGE LEAP towards Self-acceptance! 

Boudoir was more than photos for me!

As a woman who has struggled with confidence my entire life, this experience was life-changing, and I want every women to see the beauty that she already has.

Not 10 lbs from now and NOT 10 years ago. Right now!

I want her to celebrate WHO she is, all her body has done, and look at her photos and see what the rest of us see when we look at her.

Now it's your turn! I DARE you to take a leap of faith, and do something outside of your comfort zone. Join the movement: #confidenceisbeautiful

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