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Why Join the Facebook VIP Group?

Don't think that you will look like all the other women on our Instagram and Facebook pages? Come into the Facebook Group and see that they are all women just like YOU.

The Boudoir Studio VIP Group is a place for Past, Present and Future Clients to hang out, encourage one another, and let's face it...finally get the nerve to take the leap and do a shoot!

Most women think that they need to lose 10 lbs. or gain the courage to do the shoot before they come into the studio. But when they get into the VIP group, not only do they get first dibs on promos and specials, they get to engulf themselves in a positive and safe community of women who encourage another.

Join The Facebook VIP Group!

They get to see that the women in the photos are just regular women just like them and that the shoot is what GIVES THEM THE CONFIDENCE. They are women who want to celebrate a milestone, create a jaw-dropping gift and fiiiiinally see their beauty!

The Stories in the group pour out every week. Women go from being scared to do a shoot to finally taking the leap, to "Heyyy, Richelle, you can share a few of my images". I'm like whhhhat? Who are you, girl? LOL!!! And I absolutely love it!

Our Mission

Did you know that over 91% of Canadian women aren't confident about their bodies. That's quite alarming, don't you think?

Jaques & I (Richelle) have combined our passions and talents (Creating Art & Being Cheerleaders for Women) to create The Boudoir Studio. We are insanely passionate about showing you that you ARE ART and showing you the Beauty that has been there all along. Not 10 years ago, NOT 10 lbs from now. But, Right now!

We Show Women their Beauty Through the Art of Boudoir so that they can come to a place of Self-acceptance & cheer other women to join the movement of seeing their beauty also.

What Women are saying about
The Boudoir Studio VIP Facebook Group

"I love all the positivity within the Facebook group and from the moment I stepped into the studio I felt safe and welcome. I can’t explain how amazing the whole team makes you feel. It’s amazing and leaving the shoot I was in such a high from the excitement I felt like I could do anything !" - Alysha

Join in on the fun!

Are you part of the Facebook VIP Group? This is a place for past, present and future clients of The Boudoir Studio. Join us for Women Empowerment, special VIP-only promos and behind-the-scenes live videos!

Join the Facebook VIP Group!

"I'm normally one to shy away from social media but I feel compelled to share what an amazing experience it has been to see the out pouring of support that is shown in this group and the amazing team at the Boudoir Studio." - Kyla


"Thank you to Stephanie B (who obviously rocked her own session) for the invite to this group. I love the idea of helping women discover or rediscover their natural beauty & potential that shines from within. Empowerment through self confidence. I have a new goal for my vision board! Boudoir session with The Boudoir Studio VIP, 2021!" - Melissa


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