Our 10 Sets and Backdrops to choose from for your Boudoir Studio experience.

At The Boudoir Studio, we are always adding sets and keeping things fresh. We attract some women who want to keep things cute & on the conservative side, women who want an edgy vibe, and everything in between. So we have created 10 sets to make sure all of our clients can find something that feels 'them' and represents who they are.

The Bedroom Scene

The Bedroom Scene is what made The Boudoir Studio famous and is by far one of our most popular scenes. Believe it or not, when we first started our studio, this was the ONLY set available.

Most of our Boudoir Experiences start in the bedroom scene, because it gives you a chance to get comfortable with the shooting process and work your way into more daring poses and outfits. This scene is a perfect showcase for those beautiful detailed lingerie pieces- think bodysuits that have lace and texture and usually showcase the body, booty and belly well!

The bed allows us to get a variety of shots- from soft and snuggly to wild and spicy- all while giving us great angles to shoot everything from your legs and heels to your lips and neckline.

The Bathtub

The bath scene is beautifully lit and sun-soaked; it’s the perfect chance to highlight your stunning makeup and romantic outfits. The tub is there to make you feel gorgeous and luxurious and focus on all your best features.

For tub scenes, delicate, lacey lingerie and bodysuits are always a great choice. Think about accessories and shoes that compliment the soft, airy look of the space and don’t be afraid to go nude here or just nude with a robe!

The Peacock Chair

The Peacock Chair is a great scene to balance softness and confidence. It’s the perfect time to show off lace bodysuits or scarves and wraps. Some women choose to have a two-piece outfit with a robe to finish off the look and it looks beautiful on the peacock chair. Feel free to go barefoot if it makes you more comfortable in this set or show off some cool stilettos!

The Neon Wall

Are you a member of the Badass Babes club? Because you should be! Many times, women will tell me ‘I’m gonna skip the neon, I don’t think it’s me’, and it ends up being one of their favourites in the end.

Especially when people come back on their second and third shoot, they immediately tell me that they want to try the neon set! This is your chance to go a little more edgy and sassy, and we love how much this scene makes your confidence come through!

When picking out outfits for the neon wall think black, white, and neon. My personal fave is anything pleather, latex, or vinyl with a shine, as well as black 3 piece outfits. They all look amazing in this space! Don’t be afraid to go a little more daring with your style- this scene is going to bring out your inner Badass!

The Mirror

Why do we love the mirror scene? Because we get the best silhouette shots here! Grab a push-up bra and cheeky undies that show off all your best assets!

The Couch and Flower Wall

If you love bold, rich colours, the couch and flower wall are for you. Rich velvet and vibrant colours are the perfect backdrop to show off some of your show-stopping, colourful pieces. White, yellow, blue, and green all look stunning on the couch.

We love posing you lounging and draping against this bold background- you’re going to feel so decadent! We also get the best lighting over here to showcase your beautiful side as well as your sexy side.

Artistic Nudes

Artistic nudes are implied, semi-Nude or nude images that are very dark and silhouette-style. We use light and shadows to create an artistic feel. If you are not going completely nude, bring a g-string and push up bra to give the same illusion without hiding any of your curves, because they are the star of the show!

Artistic nudes make great artwork when a little anonymity is your go to. The black and white images are classic and timeless and will make you feel like a model while also keeping it a little mysterious. They are also our MOST popular when it comes to clients purchasing Wall Art.

The X, Erotica and Shibari Scenes

If you’re ready to push your boundaries or if you are looking to include ropes and an edgier feel, this scene is for you! Women who opt for the X Scene, Erotica or Shibari art are usually very comfortable with nudity. G-strings, cuffs and fetish wear are usually highlighted here. Strappy outfits in darker colours and super high heels or boots are the most common choice. Shibari and Erotica are forms of art. Jaques is the only one in the studio who is thoroughly trained in this field. Our clients’ comfort and safety is our utmost priority here, and we want to assure that you are comfortable and that the experience is a reflection of you. Please let me know if you have any questions about this set.


Whether in the very large window, or on the floor, silhouettes are a great way to really amp up the sexy! With the natural lighting in the studio we are able to show off your full length and really highlight your best features. Silhouettes in the large window are one of our most common Wall Art or Bedside Table Cube purchases. They are artistic and mysterious in nature usually, but stunning!

Standing shots here are a great time to bring out a men’s white shirt or a sheer, sexy dress. On the floor, you look best with a bodysuit or push up bra paired with a g-string to bring the hotness level to maximum. In both cases, high heeled shoes that make your butt and legs look ah-mazing are the best way to top off these outfits.

The Shower

Shower shots are very popular at The Boudoir Studio, and the best part about it is you don’t need to get wet! It’s the illusion of a steamy shower, without the water. It’s pretty cool, actually!

While some women naturally choose nudity in the shower, lots choose to wear crop tops or t-shirts to give that wet t-shirt look. If you want bottoms on, look for a G-string to give that near-nude illusion or instead, choose a colour that pops; a red thong or g string looks amazing in the shower! These shots are always the hardest to choose from at the image viewing session, because they just always turn out sooo amazing!

At The Boudoir Studio, we are always adding new sets and ideas. We want to keep things new & exciting and we always want to be listening to what our clients want as well. If you have any set suggestions, let us know!

What are your favourite sets?

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