Sarah's Experience at The Boudoir Studio

Sarah’s Experience at the Boudoir Studio!

We were so excited when Sarah allowed us to share the incredible testimonial that she sent us in our Post Shoot Questionnaire! This review is incredible and what shocked us the most was how she describes how she now sees herself!

Jaques and I (Richelle) and The Boudoir Studio team are SO proud of the positive impact the art of boudoir is having on our community. We can't wait for you to read this blog post and get a glimpse of how our little studio has helped women come closer to self-acceptance.

At the time that I inquired about doing a session at The Boudoir Studio, I had been doing a lot of new things and stretching my boundaries. My kids were getting older and I wanted to feel like ‘me’ again, and stop feeling like I was just a frumpy mom in yoga pants, LOL. I wanted to celebrate me being a woman and just do something to boost my confidence.

I had been mulling around the idea for far too long and I finally decided to just do it. I was a little shy and nervous because I am a very private person, but I trusted Jaques to make me look amazing and was so excited to create a memorable gift for my husband to see my sexy side in print! 

What The Experience Was Like

My Favourite part about the experience was taking time for ME: choosing and shopping for outfits was fun, the hair and makeup session with Frances was a hoot and set the tone for the shoot. I was excited about the day and I felt at ease because of all the information in the Private Facebook group, on the website, throughout the emails, and of course, the consult call with Richelle. I felt ready! These guys make it so easy. 

Jaques & Richelle work so well together, the atmosphere was comfortable, they directed me, and I felt so comfortable with their coaching and posing. Richelle helped with my outfits and Jaques is true artist, always taking lighting and angles into account to make us look our best.

What Surprised Me The Most

What surprised me the most is that it didn't feel like it was 2 hours of shooting and I had no hang-ups and felt so comfortable. There was a nice flow between room/wardrobe changes so there were never awkward pauses.  For being a fairly private person, I was surprised how comfortable I felt in my own skin.  

How I Felt After The Shoot

When I left the shoot, I felt like a queen! 

We are worthy of this and we are worthy to be celebrated and taking the time for us for once.

Would You Recommend The Experience at The Boudoir Studio?

Heck ya!  Whether the photos are for a gift or not, the entire experience is all about YOU.  Celebrating our femininity, our edgy sides, or exploring who we really are - The Boudoir Studio makes it all happen.  So professional and organized, and a personalized session for each client that makes the experience memorable.

They have it down to a system so that no steps are missed for clients, everyone gets the same treatment, yet we feel special.

But most importantly, seeing myself through an artist’s lens has dramatically changed me.  When I looked in the mirror before, I just saw a woman. When I finally saw myself through someone else’s eyes I truly saw ME.


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