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The 10 Most Common Things to Wear at a Boudoir Session

As a Boudoir Studio, we get sooo many questions about what to wear. We really feel that it’s important that everyone has an experience that is unique to them, and that when they look at their images, they feel that it represents who they are and what makes them unique. We wanted to share with you the 10 most common worn items to a boudoir photoshoot in order to take the guesswork out of it for you, and to give you some ideas that you may have not considered. Have fun reading & mentally preparing what you’ll be bringing to your shoot!

The Bodysuit

A bodysuit kinda looks like a one-piece bathing suit, and is flattering on all body types. Whether you are a size 2 or 22, it looks ammmazing, and compliments any figure. There are so many kinds nowadays. Straps, lace, you name it! When you are shopping for these, try getting one or two of them, and make sure that the bum is a thong type, as opposed to full bum. Trust me, it will look amazing on you!



Bra & Underwear or 2-Piece Sets

Bra & Underwear or 2-piece sets are also really popular. We see them at every shoot. If you really don’t want shots where you are showing your belly, we can take photos where you are laying on your tummy and show off the booty instead! There are so many options when it comes to 2-piece sets.

Make sure we know your comfort level going into the shoot, and we can do different variations, like top on without the bottoms or vice-versa. All of the combinations make beautiful photos.


Dresses or Outfits

Dresses can make a classic and beautiful choice. If we get a close up, you can even use some of these photos as a headshot or something that you can use on your social media profile as they tend to be safer/P.G. images. Stunning lace, tulle, bring what reflects you and your style.


Nothing (Nudity)

Here at The Boudoir Studio, we are very well-known for our Artistic Nudes and our Famous Shower Shots! Many women choose to add these to their session.

Remember that a boudoir session is YOUR shoot and YOUR choice. You can have a boudoir session where you choose to be nude yet covered, so that it’s more implied. Or you can choose more of an artistic style, but leave on a g-string to give the illusion of being naked, or lastly, you can choose Nude Art. The female figure is beautiful, and many clients choose to display some of these as Wall Art in their bedroom, walk-in closets or even in their private bathroom. These images are always a must-have in the album as well!


T-Shirts or Crop Tops

T-shirts have become quite popular at The Boudoir Studio. Some girls choose to use them to imply that they are nude under the shirt, or some spray it down with water for the shower scene so that it becomes a wet t-shirt look. Everyone is different, and we can help you with however you envision to use it. Crop tops are always a great option too. Typical lingerie is not the only thing that can be sexy. Have fun with it.


Your Significant Other’s Clothes or Elements

This is always soooo fun and a great way to incorporate his favourite jersey, work shirt or something that you know he thinks you are absolutely adorable in. Some women opt to wear their husband’s work uniforms and accessories. Get creative, it’s all part of the fun!

I had a client who was so excited to get one of our crystal cubes for her husband’s bedside table, because it was the outfit he adored her in: a simple white shirt and a red baseball cap. It was the sweetest photo ever. It was more of a head shot type, and represented his wife and how he envisioned her.



Accessories are meant to give meaning to the shoot. Sometimes it’s a wedding veil to celebrate the upcoming wedding, and other times, they are items to reflect the sexy side of your relationship. It’s a reflection of you and your partner and it’s a choice that is different for everyone.


Robes or Leather Jackets

Sometimes we have clients come in with robes that were gifts from their significant other and other times, women feel more comfortable wearing sheer robes over their outfits. Either way, it gives texture and dimension to the images, and is such a pretty add-on.


Sweaters & Cozy Things

Yes! Who knew that sweaters can be sexy? LOL! Yes, bring on the sweaters and cozy clothes. Whether you are more conservative or he just loves you in that cozy attire, it totally works and makes you look sweet and stunning all at the same time! It often gives that ‘sweet girl next door’ feel.


Scarves or Flowy Material

Many women love the softness and delicateness of flowy materials. There is something soft and delicate, yet beautiful about it. It just reveals another side of you to celebrate!

And there it is: the top 10 list of the most popular Boudoir Items to bring to a boudoir shoot! We hope that this has inspired you to think out of the box and get some ammmazing pieces to have the BEST boudoir shoot, ever!

What about you? What are your favourite options? Let us know below.

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Leather Jackets are super popular for boudoir sessions!

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