The 5 Secrets to having an Amazing Boudoir Session

Most people think that you need to be a model in order to have the best Boudoir images. That’s just not true. You see, the difference between a model and a non-model client is that the model walks on set with confidence already.

In this post, we will unveil the 5 top secrets to having an amazing boudoir shoot no matter if you are a model or not! It’s just about a little preparation and paying attention to details.

#1. Wardrobe

A well-planned shoot makes all the difference in the final images. Planning it out can be a little time-consuming on your end, but will be so worth it in the end, trust me! Bring or purchase 3-4 outfits and bring something meaningful (like your wedding lingerie/his favorite jersey, etc).

Outfits that absolutely look amazing on everyone are body suits and all lingerie shops usually have them. The best way to describe these pieces is that they are like a full body bathing suit with lace or straps. All body types look amazing in these!

Tops and bottoms are also a top outfit that ladies bring into a boudoir studio. The best way to explain these is that they are basically your most beautiful bra and underwear sets, but lacey or with various straps to give a little dimension.

Don’t forget the shoes! Shoes look amazing in the shots! Especially if you are on your belly and the feet are kicked up in the background! Stunning!

# 2. Self Care

This one is also super important. Most women notice little things on themselves in photos, like roots or the fact that they forgot to do their nails for the shoot. So why not prepare a little to make sure that you are happy with the final images. Paying attention to little details will make the photos something you are proud of.

If you are going to the salon for your hair prior to the shoot, it should be cut or coloured about a week prior to the session so that it has time to settle in a little prior to the shoot. Most girls get a manicure/pedicure a couple days before so that they don’t spend the entire time trying to hide their nails or feet.

If you wax, make sure to get your face or arms/legs (if you need it) done 3 to 4 days prior to the shoot so that redness and sensitivity disappear in a couple days.

#3. Hair and Makeup

Professional Hair & Makeup is such a crucial part of Boudoir. It accentuates your beauty and creates the most amazing images. Choose a studio that includes this experience or a Hair & Makeup artist who understands how to get you a look for boudoir photography specifically. In boudoir photography, women are often looking down, so applying temporary lash extensions look amazing and bring a pop to the image!!

#4. Choosing an Amazing Photographer & Studio

Choosing an artist who understands how to use angles and lighting to accentuate your beauty is so important. A great photographer will be able to make the final product look like you; not a fake version of you.

They should be able to make you feel comfortable and be able to bring you to a relaxed state to be yourself. Make sure to discuss your comfort level beforehand so that you are both on the same page as to the vision you are trying to achieve. This is crucial as some women want risque images and others want conservative ones.

#5. Confidence

A beautiful woman is a confident woman, wouldn’t you agree? I don’t care what shape or size a woman is, if she is confident, she draws you in, you want to talk to her, engage with her, and she is just...beautiful! Self-acceptance is so stunning! And my dream is that your life journey brings you to that exact place, my friend!

Listen, I know that if you spend any time on Pinterest, there is no doubt why my job as Boudoir Studio manager is so difficult. All the women in the boudoir pins are strong, fit or young. Therefore, a lot of women that don’t consider themselves to be young or fit shy away from boudoir sessions. One of the things I spend most of my time doing is cheerleading women that they will look amazing, and guess what... they do, no matter what size or age!

Another thing you need to consider is that you will never be posed standing in the studio, two feet on the floor looking into the camera like you do in the tall La Senza mirror. Your body will be positioned in the best lighting, laying in specific poses, and you will be photographed in a way that celebrates you and the body you have right now.

Before your shoot, practice in the mirror (posing) and practice ways of self-acceptance. Stop laughing with your hand covering your mouth, stop hiding certain body parts from your spouse while you are undressing, start noticing ways you practice non-self acceptance, and let it go, it will change your life.

Our true desire at The Boudoir Studio is that we help you create a piece of art with your images, but most importantly, that you leave finally seeing what your fiance, spouse or friends have seen if you the entire time...your true beauty!

Happy Boudoir Shooting!


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