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If you have booked your session or you are almost ready to book, you are probably wondering what you will do with your images, right?

I gotcha, girl!

Let me go through what our clients do with their favourite photos here at The Boudoir Studio. 

With the digital age, I get that you want them digitally on your phone or computer, but there is something magical that happens when you see yourself in print. I can literally see my client's grin getting bigger as she flips through the luxurious album pages and opens all of her carefully wrapped products. It's just so exciting to see her confidence rising! 

With technology always changing, archival prints, wall art & luxury albums can always be seen and appreciated for years. Not to mention that you should be proud of the art we are going to create together and want to see it out as a reminder of your beauty!

So, let's get started…

Albums & Mini Black Books

Luxurious Albums and Mini Black Books are the main go-to for our ladies? Why? Because they make AMMMMAZING gifts and tell the story in an artistic way. They are the most popular keepsake item in our studio.

All of our albums and other products are all archival quality and hand-crafted in Toronto. We are very proud to support local Canadian companies, but love the fact that this means quicker turnaround times for our excited clients!

This client here bought an album for her fiance for the wedding, she felt so beautiful, not only did she write us a raving review, but she gave him the gift 6 months early, LOL. She just couldn't wait one more day!

"I would recommend The Boudoir Studio hands down! I have been following you guys for 2 years on Facebook when I finally decided to book my shoot. I had also looked at other boudoir photographers as well. But no one's work compared to Jaques & everything you do for us leading up to the shoot with the prep Phones calls texts etc. You have built a very safe place and safe studio. You have a community of empowerment love and support. I never felt rushed during my shoot."

- Stephanie

Metal Art

Boudoir Wall Art

Next up, Metal Art has become sooo popular this year. It's so amazing to me because most of our clients usually say to me: 'Oh, no, I would never put a large print of myself on the wall!' Until… they see that ONE photo, the one where they feel so beautiful and proud that it has to go up on their bedroom wall as a daily reminder of her confidence and beauty. I just love it when clients send me photos of the art displayed above their king-size bed, in their on-suite bathroom or walk-in closet. All of their ideas are amazing and when they send this to me, I know they are proud. And they should be. 

boudoir art display

I literally love this photo below so so much, because when my client arrived to the photo shoot, she was so nervous and described herself as awkward in front of the camera, but when she saw this image at her viewing & shopping appointment, she HAD to have it on her wall!

"After going through the whole process I feel amazing. I realize now that I was doing the shoot for me and I feel confident and sexy. I would recommend The Boudoir Studio, and I have to many people already, because of how I felt after the shoot and because of how I felt like I fit right in with you. I didn’t feel nervous meeting you or like I had to warm up to you. Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I felt on top of the world and I want to do it again already!" - Meagan

Crystal cubes! 

What is a Crystal Cube? I know, people always ask me that, lol! It's basically a photo that looks like it has been placed in a piece of ice. 

Boudoir cube art

This is such a common add-on that people usually get anywhere between 2 to 3 of them added onto their collection. I love when women grab a His & Her set for each of their bedside tables. Sometimes clients choose a silhouette looking image where you can't really recognize who is in the photo, and sometimes, it's more of a well-lit headshot-type image because he wants to see his girl smiling back at him every day. Either way, what a perfect item to see when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

boudoir cubes

My client below was so excited about her cubes, she said: 'Maybe I'll put them in the guest bathroom and shock the heck out of my guests, LOL!'

client cubes

Luxurious Matted Prints

A Matted Print is a printed photo that is beautifully displayed in a matte. Whether you want to have them in a luxury box or ready to be displayed in your favourite frame, they make stunning keepsakes.

Matted Boudoir Prints

We have a dedicated print lab that takes printing your images very seriously. Not only do local print shops have restrictions when it comes to printing intimate photos, but most clients don’t realize that certain kiosks have clauses that say that you are giving that business future use of your images. Yes, you read that correctly.

Matted prints

Here at The Boudoir Studio, we have a dedicated and professional lab that prints your images with discretion and keeps your images safe for its original intent: your personal use.

3D Old-school Viewers

3D viewers

Last but not least, 3D viewers have arrived!!! Yes, girl! Women in our group are soooo excited about this novelty that we all remember from our childhood. It’s 7 of your favourite boudoir images in there!! It’s a lot of fun and always makes people smile as they click past each photo in the viewer.

Once we launched these, the ladies were so excited to get them! Everyone always says: "What a great idea!"

boudoir products

Finally, what’s important to us is that you have the most amazing experience at The Boudoir Studio, get the red carpet/ VIP treatment, and walk away with the most luxurious prints, wall art & albums as daily reminders of your beauty.

A confident woman is the most beautiful of them all, and these pieces are statements.

Let us show you your beauty. Not 10 lbs from now, not 10 years ago, but right now!

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